Steve Smith dives back into cricket with half-ton in Global T20 Canada league

There was little fanfare from Smith but just the familiar sensation of hi-five’s from teammates indicated that out of the darkness, the 29-year-old has returned to his happy place.Smith returned to the fence at the Maple Leaf Cricket Club to a throng of fans requesting selfies. Smith obliged.This is no sold-out MCG, but it’s one for the true believers.He dropped a fly ball a few overs later that
he should have caught, and had another catch taken off him due to a no-ball - but the smile was back.There’s no way of sugar coating it. It’s park cricket stuff at the Maple League Club. But it’s fun.The electronic scoreboard didn’t work. The manual one is hidden behind the stands. The pitch looks like it’s already had three weeks’ worth of play on it and there’s a strip of artificial turf halfway to the boundary that’s been bolted down by dozens of metal screws.Cricket Australia’s insurance types might have some concerns.But Smith was happy.

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