Steven Smith spotted in a lonely condition

According to an exclusive from Herald Sun Smith checked out quite a few apartments in West Village neighbourhood of New York City that is known for being one of the hot spots for celebrities. He has been in this part of the world previously as his finacé Dani Willis has been in Manhattan since March this year. Later that evening Smith was spotted by a fan at a local Irish bar, Nancy Whiskey Pub. He was busy checking his phone while the fan made sure he clicked pictures as well as a video of the Australian cricketer enjoying the beer.
The guy who spotted him there was shocked to see Smith there. He said that the cricketer was quiet and looked lonely to him. It was an absolute shock to see the former Aussie cricket captain all by himself. He looked quite sad and lonely and it’s a good thing he had his phone otherwise he would have had no contact with anyone,” herald sun quoted. Further talking about the evening the ones who spot him added, “It was quite raucous but all the fun was happening around him and there was loud rock music playing. Steve seemed to be content with just himself for company though.”

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