The real story behind Steve Smith in a bar

Worland, who happens to be one of Smith’s closest friends stated that the latter was indeed in the United States to help him out with his foundation and supporting kids who are a part of his foundation. “He’s been doing some work with Gotcha4Life with me and my foundation and talking to school kids, being really honest and vulnerable and talking to these boys,’’ Worland said.
“I know that he’s saved lives doing that. I know that 100 per cent for sure. As everyone knows, and we joke about it on here, Hugh Jackman is my best mate, he is also on the board of Gotcha4Life and was concerned for him (Steve),” he added. Why are they having this on and having a double-spread making him sound as if he’s all sad his wife’s over the other part of the world and stuff? It’s just bad, gutter journalism for mine,” he said.

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