Clear Explanation Why Smith will always be the No.1 Test Batsman

Batting technique: An unorthodox player while batting, Smith has found a place for himself on how to maximise and keep the bowlers guessing. Interestingly, his back-lift is backed by a strong bottom-hand and just when he releases himself, his pick-up goes initially out to gully and then the bat somehow creates an arc. It comes down straight when the length of the ball is in the middle-leg line. In case the ball is short outside the off-stump, he is always ready to play with a cross-bat.
Focus on the back foot: His compatriots in the ‘Fab Four’ play more on the front foot, but Smith is a king of the back foot. Many bowlers tend to attack him on the stumps with the wickets exposed when he bats. But the angle of his bat is so perfect that it helps him play the ball without any fuss. Smith bats with both his feet very close to each other.
Change of guard that has now ended the vulnerability: What was seen in the 2017-18 Ashes, is that he exposes his off and middle stump and just as the ball is being delivered, he shuffles across. Most often his back foot is covering the off stump when the ball is released. The world No.1 knows where his off stump is and that has been a reason for his precise shot selection. Every time one watch him, there is a feeling that he always has a lot of time.

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