Australia canter to fourth straight victory

Elyse Villani, Player of the Match says Cricket has been a funny game. Nice to get a few runs on the board and get a win. The girls showed that they were ready to go and Alyssa and Perry did really well at the end.
It was nice that the bowlers backed it up well too. I aim to hit the ball and I do not intend to change much from that. The bowlers did a good job and it was nice to sneak a couple in.

Pakistan crumble against Australia's might

That's that. Pakistan never got into the chase. In fact they never got into the mood to chase. After a couple of early wickets, the rest of the batswomen seemed to shut shop and only look to bat out their quota of overs. Talk about strange strategies.
And Australia with a win as massive as this one move to top the table. They are likely to stay there with the India-Sri Lanka match getting real close. All the bowlers chipped in, with Gardner and Beams bagging three-fers. Nothing quite to write home about the Pakistani batting though.

Beams back into the attack and she strikes immediately

31.1 overs Kristen Beams to Asmavia Iqbal, out Bowled!! Another change brings another wicket. Asmavia Iqbal backed away and looked to cut, missed it and the leg-stick is uprooted.
6th one down for Pakistan.That was flatter and the batter backed away to flat bat it only to miss it. The slider does the job. Asmavia Iqbal b Kristen Beams 10(31) [4s-1]

Bolton takes a super catch running in from the deep

24.3 overs Gardner to Iram Javed, out Caught by Bolton!! Bolton comes charging in from mid-wicket, slides and settles under it to take a fine catch.
Iram Javed came down the track to slog it away and only managed to find the hands of the fielder. She was never to the pitch of the ball and still decided to take the aerial route. Iram Javed c Bolton b Gardner 21(37) [4s-4]

Kristen Beams has her two to dismiss Abidi

17.4 overs Kristen Beams to Abidi, out Caught by Beth Mooney!! The experienced Nain Abidi throws her wicket away in her pursuit of runs. Looked to charge and go down town but managed to find the fielder at mid-on.
That was well tossed up and the batter never got to the pitch of the ball and despite that tried slogging it down the ground only to gift a simple catch. Abidi c Beth Mooney b Kristen Beams 7(29) [4s-1]

Good sharp catch by Sarah Aley

11.3 overs Kristen Beams to Marina Iqbal, out Caught by Sarah Aley!! A little bit of flight on the sticks. The batter went for the slog sweep but could hardly beat the hands of the fielder at square leg. Good sharp catch there.
All the hardwork of hanging in there counts for nothing now. Another bowling change results in a quick bargain of a wicket. Pakistan in a deep rut now. Marina Iqbal c Sarah Aley b Kristen Beams 9(33) [4s-2]

Sarah Aley claims a wicket with her second ball in ODI cricket

8.2 overs Sarah Aley to Ayesha Zafar, out Caught by Villani!! A strike second ball. Can a start to a career get any dreamier? A fullish ball this tailing in on the stumps and Zafar looks to go uppish with her drives.
Not quite to the pitch of it and the ball drifts in further to get the bat handle rolling in her palm too. A miscue in the air to a running back mid-on. The Aussies firmly on top, like a rash. Ayesha Zafar c Villani b Sarah Aley 8(19) [4s-1]